Data-Driven Learning Platforms

OnSomble's OnRole process helps organizations be the best they can be.

Tailor professional development to achieve maximum impact

Efficient professional development requires the ability to tailor professional growth for each individual’s unique needs. The OnRole™ platform allows healthcare organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources, utilizing key metrics and data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for development. 

Support ANCC Magnet® and Pathways to Excellence® Sources of Evidence

Top healthcare organizations are often pursuing quality-driven initiatives to deliver optimal patient care, which sometimes include the pursuit of accreditations such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® or Pathways to Excellence® accreditations. The OnRole™ Platform provides integrated capabilities to support those efforts, such as demographic data collection tools, built-in peer feedback, self-appraisal, and self-development dashboards.

Identify internal leaders and empower their growth from within

Long-term organizational success depends on the ability to recognize and strategically position leadership resources. The OnRole™ platform provides data-driven insights about the core competencies of all team members, identifying strengths and pinpointing undiscovered leaders.

Create integrated teams that drive outcomes

Optimal patient outcomes require integrated teams that work toward common core objectives. OnRole™ allows key decision-makers to see across the organization to identify opportunities to improve communication, support mentorship opportunities, and facilitate collaboration. OnRole™ provides intuitive ways to discover like-minded competencies across your team and track real-time progress toward shared goals.


Individualized virtual learning platforms that engage, develop, and empower high-impact teams


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