Data-Driven Individualized Learning Platforms

OnSomble's OnRole process helps organizations be the best they can be.

Identify undiscovered leaders

Organizational success depends on the ability to recognize and strategically position leadership resources. Our flagship product: “OnRole” analyzes your team and pinpoints the unrealized leadership potential, allowing you to optimize your most valuable resource: your personnel.

Optimize teams for maximum impact

Innovation is hard to realize when the flow of ideas and insights is constrained by organizational silos or compartmentalized strategies. OnRole allows key decision-makers to see across the enterprise and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and facilitate collaboration.

Create integrated teams that drive profitability

Long-term success requires integrated teams and the ability to manage their effectiveness toward core objectives. OnRole provides a revolutionary way to discover like-minded competencies across your team and track real-time progress toward shared goals.

Avoid costly resourcing mistakes

Unnecessary setbacks occur when teams are not organized to leverage each individual’s unique strengths. Core initiatives can stall and never recover. Having the right people on the right team at the right time is critical. OnRole gives you the insight to create teams that are built to succeed.

Tailor professional development to meet real needs

Next generation staff assessment and development requires the ability to tailor professional growth for each individual’s unique needs. OnRole shows you the right training resources to apply for maximum return on your professional development investments.


Next Generation business intelligence to develop, empower, and manage high-impact teams

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