City of Hope



As part of an increasing focus on nursing professional development, the City of Hope Division of Nursing began a new peer review process in FY2016.

The Division implemented the OnRole peer review evaluation
tool, an online assessment that measures professional behaviors associated with clinician-specific competencies in leadership, communication, decision-making and the ability to execute. Using a four-step evaluation process that aggregates self, supervisor, peer and direct report perspectives, OnRole identifies and quantifies individual strengths and opportunities.

“We began the process with the nursing leadership group, to give
us some experience with it before we rolled it out to all of nursing,” notes David Rice, Ph.D., R.N., N.P., director of professional practice and education. “With nursing leadership we could also do a 360-degree review, with supervisors evaluating leaders and then leaders evaluating supervisors.”

Then the OnRole evaluation was given to nurses on units, where “many did it first as a self-evaluation tool and then later used it for peer review with nurses who worked on the same shift,” says Rice.

The program had a 90 percent response rate, according to Rice, and “it has helped us to really
direct development activities 
for both direct care nurses and leaders. We’ve planned professional development activities around the results.” In addition, nurses
 can access and utilize a library of professional development activities provided by OnRole, based on 
their results.

SOURCE: City of Hope 2016 Nursing Annual Report – “Advancing Nursing Excellence,” Page 8