DevDigital’s Work with OnSomble Enables OnRole™ Adaptive Learning Platform to Surpass 25,000 Unique Users and 200 Million Data Points

Clinicians and healthcare leaders throughout North America have completed over 3 million behavioral questions within the OnRole™ Platform built by DevDigital


DevDigital LLC announced today that the OnRole™ Adaptive Learning Platform, which the company built for OnSomble, Inc, recently surpassed an important milestone. OnRole™ now has over 25,000 unique users, who have already generated in excess of 200 million data points.

The OnRole™ Platform was fully built by DevDigital, who started working with OnSomble in 2013 and recently made a substantial investment in OnSomble via its own spinoff, Kernel Equity. “As healthcare leaders repeatedly emphasize how critically important talent development is to their future, OnSomble has built a winning solution. We are excited to see OnRole’s rapid growth and are honored to be the developers behind the Platform” stated Peter Marcum, Founder of DevDigital and Kernel Equity.

Clinicians and healthcare leaders throughout North America have now completed over 3 million behavioral questions within the OnRole™ Platform. This data becomes valuable fuel for OnRole’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, which provide hospitals and healthcare organizations with analytics to pinpoint opportunities for growth and development.

“I attribute our fast growth to the value our platform creates in the healthcare industry and the close relationship we have with our clients. The great majority of our new business comes directly from client referrals,” stated Enderson Miranda, OnSomble’s CEO. “At OnSomble, we strongly believe that the value we create for our clients is our most important asset. That is embedded in our corporate culture. We are always listening to the client’s current needs and we partner with them to make sure they get the most value from their OnRole™ platform.”

OnSomble’s healthcare clients are often pursuing quality initiatives to deliver optimal patient care, which sometimes include the pursuit of accreditations such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® or Pathways to Excellence®. OnSomble therefore partnered with those clients to develop features within the OnRole™ Platform that streamline and support their efforts. These capabilities, such as demographic data collection tools, built-in peer feedback, self-appraisal, and self-development dashboards, became part of the platform and are now available to all users.

About DevDigital, LLC

DevDigital offers creative, high quality design, development, and deployment of software applications such as: e-commerce solutions, corporate branding, learning management systems, maintenance services, CMS (content management systems), SEO (search engine optimization), iPhone, iPad, Android apps and web-based business applications for businesses of all sizes. DevDigital is based in Nashville and provides services for clients throughout the world.

About OnSomble, Inc.

OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning platforms for professional development, continued education, and individualized learning. The OnRole™ platform allows organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources, utilize key metrics and data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for development, identify internal leaders to empower their growth from within, provide built-in peer feedback capabilities, measure key demographic and certification data (DDCT®) that support ANCC Magnet® and Pathways to Excellence®, create individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement, and reduce variation in practice to optimize patient outcomes.

Source: BusinessWire