December 2018 - OnSomble's Customizable Adaptive Learning Platform (Teknovation)

October 2018 - Creative Health Care Management and OnSomble Launch Professional Portfolio Data-Vault™ (PPDV™)

July 2018 - Creative Health Care Management and OnSomble Launch Leadership Assessment Grounded in Relational Competence – A Core Competency for All of Healthcare.

June 2018 - OnSomble's OnRole™ Platform Now Available in Canada

May 2018 - OnSomble Reaching big data milestones (Nashville Post)

May 2018 – OnRole™ is featured in the "solution spotlight" session of the "Journey to Excellence" quarterly issue

April 2018 - OnSomble and Oklahoma Christian University Partner to Deliver RN to BSN Competency-Based Degree Program

March 2018 - OnSomble and Galen Center for Professional Development (GCPD) Partner to Enrich Individualized Learning Solutions that Improve Patient Outcomes and Quality Care 

March 2018 - DevDigital’s Work with OnSomble Enables OnRole™ Adaptive Learning Platform to Surpass 25,000 Unique Users and 200 Million Data Points

February 2018 - OnSomble Surpasses 200 Million Data Points and 25,000 Unique Users Within its OnRole™ Adaptive Learning Platform

January 2018 - OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management Partner

December 2017 - OnSomble Announces Enderson Miranda as New CEO

July 2017 – Enhancing Professional Role Competency Through Data Analytics and Evidence-Based Education

May 2017 – Exemplary Professional Practice | Launching into Professional Peer Review – City of Hope Nursing Annual Report

March 2017 - DevDigital Founders Invest in New Equity Initiative 

August 2016 - TAMC and OnSomble Partner to Offer Leading Edge Competency Measurement Solution

August 2016 - OnSomble - OnRole: Accessible Tool to Support Nurse's Professional Development

July 2016 - The OHSU Nursing Professional Practice Model – The OnSomble Model of the Professional Role

June 2016 - The Institute 4 Worthy Performance and OnSomble Partner to Offer a Distinctive Solution in Professional Development with Leading Edge Behavior Analytics

April 2016 - Premier Health Learning Institute: Bringing Learning to You

April 2016 – Are Competencies Really Necessary?

March 2016 - Quorum Health Resources and OnSomble Partner

July 2015 - Premier Enters Partnership with OnSomble

March 2015 - Dale Carnegie & Associates Partners with OnSomble

April 2014 - Elsevier to Offer OnSomble's Role Based Professional Development Tools

April 2014 - Taking Professional Development Seriously

September 2013 - OnSomble Partners with Christus Spohn Health System to Design Professional Practice Model

June 2013 - OnSomble Partners with DevDigital, LLC to Enhance Web-Based Professional Assessment and Development Tool Suite

September 2012 - Dr. Roxane Spitzer Named Vice President and Executive Strategist for Onsomble, Inc