The power of OnRole, optimized to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Healthcare organizations face unique and complex challenges, which can diminish employee effectiveness, compromise patient safety, and negatively impact several key outcomes.

OnRole HC measures professional behaviors associated with clinician specific competencies in leadership, communication, decision-making and the ability to execute.

In the clinical setting, leadership requires autonomous and effective decision-making. Thus, OnRole HC measures key processes associated with the clinician’s ability to make the right decisions concerning the patient treatment and the surrounding interactions.

OnRole HC delivers comprehensive evaluation, measurement, and professional development tools that allow healthcare organizations to:

  • Empower teams to practice at the top of their licensure
  • Clearly define professional roles and competencies
  • Develop confident professionals able to make autonomous decisions
  • Equip clinicians on the Magnet ® Journey or Pathways of Excellence ®
  • Improve outcomes such as patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Complement existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Educational Programs
  • Reduce errors by removing variations in practice
  • Create evidenced-based practices for organizational management


Empowering unprecedented insight into the competency of professionals at all levels and equipping them to excel.

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