Roland Joy

Roland Joy, MSN, BSBA, RN
OMNE President Elect
Vice President of Patient Care
Chief Nursing Officer of The Aroostook Medical Center

"The OnRole tool is a 360 evaluation that incorporates peers, managers, and employees for a complete well-rounded evaluation. The data collected from this evaluation tool gives managers a greater understanding of the training and education most needed by their staff members. With OnRole, nurses will be better equipped to focus their efforts on the areas most evident for learning and growth opportunities."



Dr. Jennifer Gray

Dr. Jennifer Gray, RN, Ph.D., FAAN
Associate Dean of Nursing
Oklahoma Christian University

"The OnRole platform allows us to advance our competency-based education curriculum by leveraging its adaptive learning capabilities and evidence-based content to further bridge the gaps between education and practice."



Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN

Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN
Chief Executive Officer
Creative Health Care Management

“The partnership between OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management is a natural one.  OnSomble’s adaptive learning platform will support and empower our core assessments to provide maximum value to our customers and, most importantly, to the patients we serve."




Dr. John W. Nelson

Dr. John W. Nelson, PhD
President and Data Scientist
Healthcare Environment

"The independent psychometric study we conducted reveals the OnRole 360° assessment platform to be the best tool currently available to measure role performance. Valid and reliable behavioral measures, like OnRole, are missing in the healthcare predictive models which have implications for managing outcomes, even before they occur."


Cathy I. Schwartz

Cathy I. Schwartz, MS, RN
Nurse Executive

"Patients depend on professionals to deliver evidence-based personalized care. Foundational to this care is absolute role clarity and behavioral demonstration of professional accountabilities and responsibilities. OnSomble’s Role-Base Practice catalyzes clinician and organizational mastery of both knowledge and behaviors so that each patient, every time, receives efficiently delivered safe and effective care."



>Dr. Roxane Spitzer

Dr. Roxane Spitzer, Ph.D., MBA, RN, FAAN
OnSomble Board of Directors
Editor Emeritus, Nurse Leader

"OnSomble's Role-Based Practice™ work increases role clarity, nurse engagement, patient satisfaction, and reduces clinical errors. It provides the opportunity to sustainably improve performance, productivity, and individual growth."