Competency Prioritization + Management

Competency assessment is an everchanging process that goes beyond selecting the competencies. A successful competency process must properly document all competency considerations and the actual needs of the organization for a certain time period.

The Competency Prioritization + Management component exceeds regulatory body requirements by providing customizable reports that track and document all steps in the critical thinking and decision-making process around competency considerations.

Creative Health Care Insight is the only platform that truly empowers organizations to leverage Donna Wright’s Competency Model to seamlessly prioritize and manage their competency needs while also tracking completion documentation for each employee. The platform allows organizations to embed strategic priorities into the annual competency process, leverage their existing shared governance structure, and empower their team to focus on the competencies necessary for their roles while remaining in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals and outcomes.

Save significant time and money by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your ongoing competency management processes. Competencies can be filtered and prioritized for groups or departments by strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects.