Professional Portfolio Data Vault


OnSomble’s platforms support several key components for ANCC Magnet® and Pathways to Excellence® by seamlessly automating legacy paper-based systems, collecting, tracking, and validating key demographic, educational, and certification data (DDCT® / ODF®), and providing meaningful and data-driven peer feedback processes.


Demographic Information

Demographic Info


The Professional Portfolio Data Vault™ enables organizations to compile and extract data to complete a variety of required reports including the Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDTC)® for Magnet®, the Organizational Demographic Form (ODF)® for Pathways to Excellence®, and other demographic reports. We work with each organization to customize their DDCT® collection based on their current data needs. Demographic information gets properly tracked and tagged within the platform for ease of reporting, which can be generated with the click of a button.

DDCT® spreadsheets can be easily exported in a format that is compatible with ANCC® requirements, thus saving countless hours of manual labor and significantly reducing the chance of human error. All user information is listed by FTE for each individual person. It can be effortlessly filtered based on eligibility and aggregated by shift, unit, department, or facility.



Peer Feedback

Peer Feedback and Self-Appraisal (fully customizable)


The Professional Portfolio Data Vault™ provides a streamlined peer feedback and self-appraisal process that is fully customizable for each client and can be administered to all nurses. The peer feedback tool can be based on the organization’s existing internal competency model, professional practice model, current peer feedback process, or any competency model they choose to use.


Documentation of Professional Development


Our platform supports ANCC’s requirement for meaningful documentation of professional development activities that contribute to the improvement in knowledge, skills, or practice in the workplace. Each person has access to their individualized self-development dashboard, based on the organization’s unique peer feedback process, which provides key insights about their strengths and areas with the biggest opportunity for improvement. Managers at all levels have access to key reports about their team’s development. All reports can be easily filtered and benchmarked by several variables, including education level, tenure, job title, department, shift, and much more.






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