Premier Health Learning Institute: Bringing Learning to You

Premier Health Learning Institute: Bringing Learning to You

By Trish Wackler, RN

Premier Health Learning Institute members are excited to launch two new programs through HealthStream-Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) and CE Center. These programs will bring learning to the next level by offering education “on demand”. On-demand education has proven to be effective for retaining learning. It allows the learner to self-direct their experience, including when, where, and how their personal learning occurs.

Starting in April, bedside leaders will begin renewing Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications through RQI. This evidence-based program delivers the required American Heart Association curriculum via two parts: HealthStream modules and skills-validation sessions that are completed quarterly on a simulation cart conveniently located near one’s work area. These short doses of learning can be completed while at work over the course of a year. RQI provides an objective way to measure learning and performance that will promote excellence in care and convenience for the learners.

Another way the Learning Institute is offering on-demand education is through access to HealthStream’s CE Center. With unlimited use, this robust library of nursing topics offers more than 1,800 courses and thousands of hours of CE credit. In addition, more than 40 certification prep assessments are available through self-enrollment or assignment. All course completion is tracked through your HealthStream transcript.

Access to a library such as this will allow you to search for education that is of interest to you, applies to your practice, and provides continuing education at your convenience. There will be opportunities for individual, as well as department, learning based on learning needs that assessments such as OnSomble have identified.
These two programs will provide bedside leaders with the opportunity to obtain important education at their fingertips. On-demand learning is an effective method of promoting nursing professional development and learning retention for the bedside leaders at Premier Health.

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Source: Premier Health Nurse Newsletter